Каждый из нас вынужден жить в той реальности, которую он сам для себя выбрал.
Part 1: The Basics
1. What is your full name?
2. Where and when were you born?
3. Who are/were your parents? (Know their names, occupations, personalities, etc.)
4. Do you have any siblings? What are/were they like?
5. Where do you live now, and with whom? Describe the place and the person/people.
6. What is your occupation?
7. Write a full physical description of yourself. You might want to consider factors such as: height, weight, race, hair and eye color, style of dress, and any tattoos, scars, or distinguishing marks.
8. To which social class do you belong?
9. Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses?
10. Are you right- or left-handed?
11. What does your voice sound like?
12. What words and/or phrases do you use very frequently?
13. What do you have in your pockets?
14. Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?

Hello! Please introduce yourself! What is your full name? What do people normally refer to you as?
Do you like your name? Do you know what it means? Does it have any significance to you? Would you change it if you could?

50 Question Meme

How old are you? When is your birthday? What did you do for your last birthday?
Describe the members of your family. What is your relationship with them? When have you seen them last?
Describe your living arrangements. Do you have any roommates or family living with you? Any pets? What is your room like?
Who is/are your best friend(s)? Where did you meet them? What about them do you like?
What about your physical appearance is noticeable? Do you have big feet or a noticeable scar? What do you get complimented on most? What are you most insecure about?
What kind of style do you have? When you buy clothes, what do you look for in particular? Describe the outfit you’re wearing now.
What is your current job? How much do you make? Do you like your coworkers? If you’re not working or are in a job that you don’t like, what would you like to do?
What is your current education level. Do you have any degrees? Do you enjoy school? What clubs or activities are/were you in?
Imagine your perfect meal. What would you order? Appetizers? Dessert? Drinks?
What are some symbolic things in your life? Do you have a certain “power color” or “spirit animal”? If you had to have a symbol to represent you, what would it be?
What are your hobbies? Do you collect anything? Do you enjoy sports or movies? Do you enjoy them with anyone? How did you get into them?
If you could have any 1 superpower, what would you have? Why?
What kind of music do you enjoy? Do you have a favorite song?
What kind of weather do you like most? What’s your favorite season? What do you like to enjoy doing during those days?
You’ve had a bad day! What’s the most-likely cause for this? What do you do (either that night or the next few days) to cheer yourself up?
What is your social class? Do you have a certain clique or stereotype that you fit in? Did your class change since your childhood?
Do you have any major phobias or fears? How often do these come up? How seriously do they affect your life?
What is your biggest regret in life? Would you change it if you could?
What is your darkest memory? How did you cope with it? Do you still feel emotional about it?
Have you ever lost anyone in your life before? How did they leave you?
Do you have any disorders or mental problems? When did they develop? How do they affect your life?
Are you a leader or a follower? Why would you say this? Bonus: If you were in an RPG game, what kind of job or class would you have? Why?
Are you more likely to bully someone or be bullied? Have you ever bullied someone? Have you ever been bullied?
What do you consider to be your biggest flaw in your personality? Why? How does this affect you? What do other people think of this?
What do you think are the things that make you unique? If people were asked to describe 3 things about you, what do you think the most common answers would be? How do you feel about that?
What aspect/genre/series of fiction or mythology do you relate to most? If you were put into that world, what do you think your role would be?
Do you have a love interest? If so, how did you meet? What do you like about them? What DON’T you like about them? If you’re dating/married, how long have you been together? If not, describe your perfect love interest.
Speaking of love interests, what would be your perfect date? What would you and your romance partner do? What would you not enjoy on this date?
In what ways are you spiritual? Do you believe in a higher power? Luck? Karma? Ghosts? Fate? True love? What kind of willpower do you have?
What are some of your habits, good or bad? Do you do anything compulsively? Do you have any sort of daily routine that you follow?
Describe your most vivid dream or nightmare. What did you enjoy or dislike about this dream? What do you think was significant or symbolic?
You win a dream vacation for 2 weeks! Anything within reason is available to you. Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you take?
What are some of the things you tend to say a lot? Do you talk in a certain accent? Do you have any catchphrases? What is your voice generally like?
Pick one that you think is most relevant to you: Extroverted or introverted? Sensing or intuition? Thinking or feeling? Judging or perceiving? (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
What do you think are your best qualities? What are you most proud of?
What kind of humor do you have? What makes you laugh? Do you enjoy comedy? Tell us a joke!
Do you have someone that you look/looked up to? What was this person’s relationship to you? How did they influence who you are? Would you consider them your “hero”?
Do you travel? If so, where have you been? Where would you like to go? Where is somewhere you wish you hadn’t gone or wouldn’t go?
The holidays are coming up! Who do you buy presents for? What would you get them? What do you hope to get back?
Suddenly, you switch genders for the day! What is this same about you? What is different? How do you spend this day as your genderbent self?
The most important person in your life calls you and tells you they need you and that it’s important. What is the most likely dire situation? What do you do?
What are some social or political issues that you feel strongly about? What kind of causes (social, environmental, etc) do you find most important? (Global warming, the economy, abortion, etc.)
What is your routine for getting ready? When you take a shower, what do you wash first? What kind of shampoos and perfumes do you use? Do you do anything special, like paint your nails or wear contacts?
Do you like being touched? Are you a cuddler? Are you ticklish? Do you enjoy when people play with your hair? Do you like being affectionate?
What is your favorite childhood memory? What did you enjoy as a child? What didn’t you like?
What kind of technology do you use? Do you use a computer? What kind sites do you regularly visit? Do you use a cellphone? Do you text a lot or use apps? Perhaps you regularly use a weapon?
What do you think is the most important virtue or goal in life? Does this apply to you or everyone? What do you think is important to strive for? What do you value most?
We’re wrapping it up! If you had one last piece of advice to give, what would it be? Thanks for answering!

1. Draw an image, copy it three times and colour each differently/with different colours. Bonus!: use different media for each.

2. Draw something with a stereotypically feminine theme or style. (Flowers, pastel colours, beautiful subjects?)

3. Draw something with a stereotypically masculine theme or style. (Action, explosions, rough lines and angles?)

4. Draw something that is supposed to arouse positive emotion from the viewer (amusement, joy, sympathy). you can use both technique and the subject of the drawing to achieve this.

5. Draw something with no same colour used twice.

6. Draw a short comic of 3-7 panels.

7. Drawing using only two colours.

8. Cg a drawing, colouring it with three depths of shades and three depths of lighting.

9. Cg a drawing in black and white.

10. Draw an imaginary object.

11. Cg. Sketch, lineart, colour. Use an hour or more for every step.

12. Traditional. Sketch, lineart, colour. Use an hour or more for every step.

13. Cg a drawing using tools that mimic brushes and tools in traditional media.

14. Cg/traditional draw a face, male or female. Design a decorative makeup/tattoo to decorate the face.

15. Traditional inks. Colour with colour pencils.

16. Sketch a dynamic pose of a human. Feets can't touch ground and hands can't be on sides of the waist. No matter if you finish or not.

17. Draw something with not your usual style. Be it a mock or not.

18. A 10-frame animation. (Flash, Flash Player. Adobe Imageready, etc)

19. Do a pencil-drawing with pencil/charcoal and eraser only, and finish it with proper shading and such.

20. Draw something very detailed.

21. Work out a traditional work that has 3d elements added to it, like fabrics and plants and etc

22. Draw something very simple.

23. Draw something very small. (for example; A5/500 x 500)

24. Draw something very big. (for example; A3/2000 x 2000)

25. Draw something that is supposed to arouse negative emotion from the viewer (sadness, nausea, anger). you can use both technique and subject of the drawing to achieve this.

26. Draw anything with animals. If you usually draw these often, draw an animal you have never EVER drawn before.

27. A traditional painting using ONLY acrylic/watercolour/oil-colours, et cetera.

28. Draw something you've never drawn before, not even scetched.

29. Do several scetches of the object/organism you have the most trouble drawing.

30. Traditional draw something using colourpencils only

31. Draw a zoomed in image of a bodypart of a human, something from neck down.

32. A traditional inked lineart, coloured with one or two colours only.

33. Draw something from the bird-eye view.

34. Paint something with coffee, strong tea or any other food-substances. Go crazy!

35. Draw something surreal.

36. Draw a battle.

37. A traditional pencil-sketch coloured with watercolours.

38. Draw a nude human. No exaggerated tits or penises.

39. Take two photos of ordinary everylife objects. Try and combine the two by drawing them into a whole new object.

40. A pixel-drawing with pixels only. Atleast 100px x 100px big.

41. Draw a bird flying.

42. Do a cg using magic-wand and fill-tool only.

43. Draw a vehicle.

44. Do a collage. Of magazine-clippings, fabrics, buttons, pins, etc + you can use an ink-pen to create effects or details.

45. Cg a drawing without a sketch or a lineart. Begin with the colours and continue with the colours only.

46. Draw a portrait of a live human of your choice. Caricature or realistic.

47. Design a decorative outfit of your liking.

48. Do a small sculpture, no more 20 cm or less than 10 cm in height. You can use clay or even play-doh.

49. Draw a drawing and colour it with three shades of one colour only.

50. Draw an animal with surrealism added to it.

51. Draw an imaginary/existing landscape.

52. Draw something with foreshortening.

53. Pick two characters (your own or someone elses), male and female. Genderbender them.

54. Take a photo, and cg a drawing on it, like the character or the drawings belongs into the photograph.

55. Draw something using only one line aka not lifting your pencil off the paper. You can do this with tablet too but it might be harder seeing how the work-space is limited?

56. Draw someone chubby.

57. Draw an imaginary/existing building.

58. Draw a character doing two things at once. Standing/breathing et cetera not allowed, something dynamic and lively please.

59. Draw a character doing four things at once. Same notes as above.

60. Draw something traditionally and Photoshop it so it looks digital.

61. Draw an anthromorphic character.

62. Oekaki, 500 x 500

63. Draw someone thin.

64. Draw your least favourite thing, presentable, not a mockery.

65. Copy a famous painting and change things to your liking but not so much it's not recognisable anymore.

66. Draw a picture copying famous styles, art noveau, children's illustrations, church paintings, et cetera

67. Open a book near you and draw what's happening on the page.

68. Listen to a song, and illustrate what it reminds you of or what visuals it brings to your mind.

69. Close your eyes and draw five scribbles on a piece of paper. Then, try to make a drawing or character out of each scribble. You can add on to each as much as you like, but you can't erase any part of the scribble.

70. Do a drawing using your feet.

71. Do a drawing using your non-primary hand.

72. Do a fingerpainting.

73. Put tiny splotches of watercolour on paper and wait for them to dry. Add lines to the splotches with a pen and see if you can make them something else than just drops of colour.

74. Draw a person with one exaggerated bodypart

75. Draw a diarylike comic-illustration of your day.

76. Illustrate a person's change of expression through a comic (3-5 panels)

77. Draw a character (yours or someone elses) in a style of another series or person. (Not your own style.)

78. Create a wallpaper for your desktop. (Preferably from your own drawing)

79. Draw something beautiful and ugly. Use your imagination!

80. Draw an image, copy it three times and colour each with a different light-source and/or type of lighting

81. Choose a character or subject and draw it in a single or three different compositions three times, experimenting with a different line type/weight/dynamic in each one.

82. Choose three different media and three distinct textures and create a triptych composition in which you experiment with rendering each texture in some way: realistically, abstractly, etc.

83. Take a sheet of paper and fill it by drawing objects and people from life. Make it a pile of sketches rather than a controlled piece. Try and colour the finished result.

84. Draw a picture without erasing anything, including the sketches and mistakes

85. Draw a huge insect with all the details visible.

86. Design five different underwear in five different materials.

87. Draw something seasonal.

88. Draw something using shading only. (Black on white, etc)

89. Draw something using lighting only. (White on black, etc)

90. Have a friend you haven't gift-arted yet? Surprise them.

91. Take three or four pieces of traditional media and make an image using only those tools. (Like for example a piece of coal, a red colouring pencil and a normal pencil. ) Eraser doesn't count!

92. Draw something that deciphers an emotion with technique and colours. Avoid drawing the face, if you must add a person in it as well. Extremes are very good, like misery, anxiousness and joy.

93. Draw character-interaction, preferably something you don't usually do (like if you normally do "boylove" then hetero-pairings would be a nice change? same applies to people who always draw girls and boys together.) also if you usually do erotica, try friendship, and if you've never tried anything steamy, now's the chance.

94. Draw an image that supports something against your beliefs. A presentable one.

95. Draw an image that has a message you support.

96. Hit "random deviant" button until you find a deviant with an original character. Draw it, and no skipping! (Show it to the person too!)

97. Put your playlist on random, pick a song, find the lyrics for it and choose a random line or two which you will illustrate.

98. Draw one of your human-characters as an animal/one of your animal-characters as a human.

99. Pick one of your old, old drawings, and redraw it.

100. Congratulate yourself for a work well done and do an appropriate image of CELEBRATION.